STEAM PRO has been designed to empower organizers of sport events with the tools and technology to conduct surveys on site at events in their communities. To date, STEAM PRO assessments have been conducted at more than 50 sports events across Canada. For a partial list, please see the Industry Reports section of our website.

The STEAM PRO system features an on-site survey of spectators at your event, which is usually superior to other methods available (Advantages of On-site Data Collection (PDF))

A STEAM PRO assessment includes the preparation of customized electronic survey for your event hosted on Survey Analytics’ Survey Pocket Software, a quantity of PDAs to conduct the surveys, a surveyor schedule / sampling plan, training of surveyors via conference call, and a full analysis of your event (depending on the plan chosen).

For a full listing of costs and services, contact .

STEAM Flyer (PDF download)