Canada’s triathlon city scores a hat-trick

December 15, 2016

World Triathlon Series Edmonton - December 15, 2016 (Edmonton) – Edmonton will host its third triathlon championship event in 2020. Edmonton will then, along with Lausanne, which is the Olympic city, be the only cities to stage the global triathlon championship on three separate occasions.

“We’re excited to host our third grand final event,” says Mayor Don Iveson. “I’m confident that, together with Triathlon Canada and our local organizing committee,

Edmonton will bring our strong hosting expertise, our unparalleled commitment, and our boundless enthusiasm for the sport of triathlon to make the 2020 ITU World Triathlon Grand Final a resounding success.”

Edmonton hosted the World Championships in 2001 and the renamed Grand Final in 2014. The 2014 TransCanada ITU World Triathlon Grand Final hosted more than 3,000 age-groupers, elite and paratriathlete athletes from around the world.

“The 2020 event will provide us with the opportunity to once again put the some of best athletes in the world on the streets of Edmonton and to take the charismatic and exciting sport of triathlon to a new level,” said Sheila O’Kelly. “We look forward to working closely with our supporters to provide the best possible experience to everyone involved, whether it be athletes, spectators or sponsors.”

The Edmonton team presented at the ITU Congress in Madrid, Spain last week and included Don Lowry, board chair of World Triathlon Edmonton; Les Pereira, president of Triathlon Canada; Sheila O’Kelly, president and GM of World Triathlon Edmonton and Lindsay Harrison, manager of Events Edmonton with Edmonton Tourism.

“Working in close partnership with the City of Edmonton and our key sponsors we have demonstrated Edmonton’s triathlon community has the skill and the will to host and execute world class events and out compete other major world centres for this honour,”said Don Lowry. “What makes this special and different from prior events is we now have three years to build up to the grand final as opposed to in 2014 when we had little over a year to get ready. “

Official dates for the 2020 World Championships will be confirmed and announced as soon as possible.

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