Less than 3 months to the Smart Cities & Sport Summit 2018!


The 5th edition of the Smart Cities & Sport Summit is back in Lausanne on 29-31 October, 2018!

Considered as the leading conference on the relationship between sport and cities, the Smart Cities and Sport Summit is a unique opportunity to create real connections with the international sports world, in the heart of the Olympic Capital.

The 2018 edition features an outstanding programme that combines sport and innovation, outlining exciting new opportunities for cities interested to further connect with the sports world.  Make sure to secure your spot before the early bird registration ends on 21st September!

Masterclass: How to drive innovation more effectively in your city?        
The sport industry has experienced drastic changes in terms of consumption and participation. There is an urgent need for cities to innovate in order to optimise their investments in sports-related initiatives. However, the environment in which the public sector operates does not always foster innovation. What can cities do to be more innovative?
Economic Development: Why should cities start thinking of creating sports innovation hubs?
An increasing number of cities are investigating the potential of creating sports innovation hubs. These platforms are being praised for their capacity to not only generate smart ideas in sport, but also assist local economic development. What opportunities do these new sports innovation hubs represent for cities and how can cities support their development?
IF and Host City Partnerships: A new approach to bidding?
Market dynamics are changing, and International Federations have therefore had to rethink their approach to bidding. Selection processes now leave room for more planned and coordinated partnerships between IFs and host cities. But what does this mean for cities and will this new approach have a positive impact on hosting? This session will feature a panel discussion composed of IFs and host cities.
New Opportunities: How can Africa get the most out of hosting major sport events?
An increasing number of African cities are currently exploring the opportunity to host major sports events. With Africa being a market of new opportunities, this offers many synergies for new and former host cities to work together. How best can these synergies be optimised?
More topics will be discussed! The full programme of this year’s edition is available here.

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