SEC Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who normally attends Sport Events Congress?  Is this conference a good fit for me?

Sport Events Congress attracts delegates from a variety of sectors:

  • Events rights holders (organizations/companies who own the rights to sporting events and are seeking potential host cities to partner with them to host their next event.  Events range from community level sporting competitions such as minor hockey tournaments to international elite sporting events to conferences and meetings and special events).
  • Sport Tourism and Economic Development professionals (people who are working to promote their city/town as a destination for sport events and are interested in hosting events)
  • Suppliers to the Sport Tourism Industry (companies who offer services to the sport tourism industry, such as hotels, airlines, magazines, event marketing firms, etc.)
  • Education sector and researchers (students, professors and researchers who are in the tourism or sports administration fields).

Approximately 400 delegates attend Sport Events Congress each year. To learn more about the audience at Sport Events Congress, check out our audience profile or see who’s coming this year. 

2. What is the difference between Sport Events Exchange and Vendor Alley (the trade show)?

Sport Events Exchange is a business-to-business marketplace that provides an opportunity for events rights holders and destinations to meet one-on-one to explore sport events hosting opportunities.  Participants are assigned brief appointments to conduct a short business meeting.  The format is similar to ‘speed dating’ whereby both parties have a short period of time (8-10 minutes) to determine if there is potential to work together and then a bell rings prompting people to move on to their next appointment. 

Vendor Alley is the trade show element at SEC.  It offers companies the opportunity to set-up kiosks and promote their products and services to SEC delegates during the conference.  Each year, approximately 30 exhibitors take part in the trade show and pay the appropriate fees for their kiosk space that is allocated to them in the trade show area.  Conference delegates are encouraged to visit booths, pick-up promotional material and speak with company reps who are exhibiting.  Exhibit space in Vendor Alley normally sells out well in advance of the Congress so any company interested in exhibiting should confirm their intentions to CSTA at least 5 months prior to the Congress. 

3. Does Sport Events Congress always take place in the Ottawa area?  Is it always held in the month of April?

Sport Events Congress has been hosted in Toronto, Ottawa, Richmond, Edmonton, Halifax and Gatineau in previous years. Future Congresses may take place in one of these cities or other cities – decisions regarding the location of the conference are made on an annual basis.  The Congress usually takes place in April or late March.

4. Do you offer special rates for delegates who only want to attend portions of the Congress or one-day only?

Congress delegate fees are based on the attendee taking part in the full Congress.  There is no one-day rate available.

5. Is the PRESTIGE Awards included in delegates’ fees for the Congress?  If I don’t attend SEC, can I still attend the PRESTIGE Awards?​

Attendance at the PRESTIGE Awards (including lunch) is included in SEC delegates’ fees.  All Sport Events Congress delegates are welcome to attend and encouraged to do so.  CSTA also sells awards tickets as a stand-alone purchase lfor those people who are not attending SEC. SEC delegates may also purchase additional tickets for guests. Details here.

6. This is my first time to attend Sport Events Congress.  Is there anything special that I need to know?

Approximately 37-40% of attendees at Congress each year are first-time attendees. Click here to learn some important tips for SEC rookies. 


If you have additional questions about Sport Events Congress, please contact the appropriate member of our SEC event team.