Frequently Asked Questions

What, exactly, is meant by ‘sport tourism’?

Sport tourism is any activity in which people are attracted to a particular location as a sport event participant, an event spectator, or to attend sport attractions or business meetings.

Who are the members of the CSTA? Should I be a member of this organization?

CSTA’s members include municipalities from every province including major metropolitan areas and small communities across Canada. Many national, provincial and multi-sport organizations are also members as well as suppliers to the industry (hotels, event management companies, airlines, etc.). CSTA also has an international membership category. More information, including a list of CSTA’s members, membership categories and benefits can be found in the Membership section of the website.

Is there benefit in smaller communities joining CSTA or does CSTA mainly serve larger municipalities?

The recent increase in activity in the sport tourism industry is a phenomenon that has been evident not only in major metropolitan areas, but in smaller communities across Canada as well. Although major international events such as the Olympic Games tend to receive most of the media profile, the critical mass of activity in sport tourism continues to occur at the community level. The programs and activities of the CSTA are reflective of this reality as it continues to develop the tools necessary for communities of all sizes to become active in the industry at all levels.

How is the Board of Directors elected and for how long?

The Board of Directors is comprised of nine individuals, elected in staggered terms of two years duration. Elections are conducted annually at the Annual General Meeting that is held in conjunction with the Sport Events Congress during the month of April.

How often does the membership get together?

In addition to Committee conference calls, CSTA meets once a year and conducts its Annual General Meeting in conjunction with its annual conference, Sport Events Congress.

What is Sport Events Congress?

Sport Events Congress is Canada’s largest annual gathering of sport, tourism organizations, event management firms and other industry professionals. Delegates are treated to best-practices presentations, keynote speakers, networking socials and the business-to-business Sport Events Exchange, an events marketplace where national and multi-sport organizations have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with municipal representatives interested in hosting events in their communities. Sport attendees typically include event volunteers and staff, executive directors and CEO's of national sport organizations, event managers & planners, marketing personnel and individuals responsible for partnership development. Municipal attendees include marketing personnel, city representatives, sport council staff and more!