Bid Evaluation Model


The Bid Evaluation Model (BEM) is intended to function as a decision support tool, assisting organizations/municipalities who are considering a bid to host a particular sport tourism event to determine whether to proceed with the bid proposal relative to a variety of important elements. A precursor to preparing a business case or feasibility study, the goal of the BEM is to provide a relatively quick assessment of the fit between the community’s assets and the event rights holder’s requirements.

The tool can be applied to a variety of sport event hosting opportunities at the local, provincial, national and international level.

At a high level, the BEM will help to provide a consistent, quantified assessment of the relative suitability of a particular event for a specific community at a given point in time. Premised on the congruity between a particular event rights holder’s requirements and the potential bidder’s sport, tourism and community infrastructure—facilities, resources and capacities—the model highlights associated resources and deficiencies, which may contribute to potential risks and rewards. The BEM is built around six modules:

1. Infrastructure assets

2. Community Support

3. Public Sector Support

4. Management and Event Expertise

5. Financial Considerations

6. Competitive Context

7. Sustainability


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