Business Plan Template

Business Plan Template for Staging a Sport Event
Officially launched on June 1, 2004 for members of the Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance (CSTA), the Business Plan Template for Staging a Sport Event is the latest offering in the CSTA's line of products available to its membership. Developed in partnership with Organisports, the Business Plan Template is a cutting-edge tool for bidding or organizing committees that seek to set out a comprehensive business plan with a view to hosting a sport event at the local, provincial, national or international level. Comprised of a Microsoft Word file and a budget structure presented in Microsoft Access format, the template supplies all the necessary information and work tools to prepare a complete business plan and budget for sports events of any size.

Version # 3 of the Budget Plan Template is now available. By using this new version you can:

  • Produce a budget;
  • Restructure the budget in a variety of configurations in order to generate specific reports;
  • Create a budget follow-up process including cash flow, purchase order and invoice listings;
  • Transfer the data to or from the accounting software

The following PowerPoint presentation can be downloaded to provide an overview of the Business Plan Template

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