Capital Scope of Work Template


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The Capital Scope of Work Template (CSWT) has been developed notably:

  • To ensure that there is a venue that can host as many sports and non-sporting activities as possible and to help maximize operational revenues;
  • To confirm that all international/national sport requirements are met;
  • To ensure that the venue offers services to the different event category groups such as: Competing and Non-competing athletes, Coaches, Competition Officials, VIPs, Press, Broadcaster, Spectators, Service Providers and Volunteers;
  • To identify which client groups and services should be prioritized within the design of the venue in both recreational and competition modes;
  • To identify venue management issues;
  • To introduce or include, prior to the design stage, most of the international/national event venue operation issues;
  • To understand the financial resources required to build the project;
  • To provide accurate information to public authorities on the costs related to such projects.