CSTA Consulting Services


CSTA’s Consulting Services program offers training and strategic advice from CSTA’s team of expert consultants. CSTA’s consultants can share their knowledge by providing a turnkey solution outlined in a customized document or report, advise clients on how to produce a customized document for a specific project, offer workshop-style training or one-on-one training in a specific area or deliver a keynote address or hands-on workshop through our speakers’ bureau program.

If your organization or individuals within your organization need assistance on either a short-term or long-term basis, we can help!

Who is Eligible to Access CSTA’s Consulting Services?

These services are available to all CSTA members, including municipalities, destination marketing organizations, tourism bureaus, economic development agencies and sport event rights holders.

It is also available to the following organizations:

  • Organizing committees of international sport events receiving public sector funding;
  • National championship organizing committees under the umbrella of a CSTA member rights holder organization;
  • International, national, regional, and provincial bid/organizing committees that are supported by a CSTA member organization:
  • Provincial sport organizations and their affiliated clubs and respective sport umbrella bodies that are CSTA members (e.g. Sport Alliance of Ontario, Sports-Quebec)

What topics or areas of expertise are covered under CSTA’s Consulting Services program?

Planning & Funding

For Host Communities - Strategic planning including hosting plan/matrix, public funding requests/advice, event feasibility studies

For Events Rights Holders – Domestic hosting strategies, preparation of RFPs & bid documents, international hosting strategies, event feasibility studies

Games & Major Events
Transfer of knowledge transitions, venue construction, design, management and overlay, athletes’ village, transportation, volunteer & HR management, results systems, presentation & protocol, opening/closing ceremonies, event registration/accreditation, ticketing, pageantry, event sustainability practices

Legal Services
Dispute resolution advice, contract negotiations, risk management

Economic impact studies & reports, media measurement services, membership surveys, economic impact of sport in Canada

Marketing & Communications Services for Events Rights Holders
Broadcasting (TV & Web), communications plans, event marketing plans

When and where can these services be accessed?

Services are available upon request!  For information, to schedule a workshop or engage a consultant on a project, please contact us at consulting@canadiansporttourism.com.

Workshops or Speaker Bureaus

A one-day sport tourism workshop is available to CSTA members.  The workshop includes four subjects (topics) to be chosen by the client from CSTA’s list of Tools + the workshop will include a general informational session on sport tourism.  Up to 5 experts/consultants are available to deliver the workshop. The cost is $5000.

A Speaker’s Bureau is also available whereby one presenter would present on one specific topic.  The cost is $1000.

Note: Travel and taxes are not included and refreshments, AV or other services are not factored into the above pricing.

To schedule a workshop or a speaker, please contact us at consulting@canadiansporttourism.com or call 613-688-5843.



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