Economic Impact


An Overview

Economic Impact Assessment (EIA) studies measure the change in economic activity resulting from hosting an event in a specific city/town. There are three factors:

1.  the spending of out-of-town visitors while they attend the event;

2.  the expenditures of the event organizers in producing the event;

3.  capital construction costs that are directly attributed to hosting the event.

The Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance (CSTA) has developed two tools called steαm2.0 and steαm pro2.0 to predict and measure data across these three primary channels.

Strong Data Drives Decisions!

Today’s decision-makers need credible data when assessing funding requests. steαm2.0 (Sport Tourism Economic Assessment Model) is designed to predict the economic impact of a sport event on a host community, which is critical information for municipal, provincial, and federal government funding applications and financial support. steαm2.0 is designed specifically as a predictive model and cannot be used to generate post event data. steαm pro2.0 is specifically designed for this purpose.

Our economic impact services empower event organizers and host cities to accurately predict and assess the economic impact resulting from hosting a specific event in a specific location. They will help you:

Explain why your community should invest in bidding or hosting sport events.

Outline the impact sport events will have on the local economy.

Calculate the spending of your out-of-town visitors.

Build a business case and gain support for hosting a future event.

Advocate effectively for business development and new facilities.

Demonstrate the value of your event property.


The CSTA is the most experienced and knowledgeable onsite economic impact service provider in Canada. Since, 2002, we’ve conducted over 200 EI Assessments from small-town hockey to big city multisport and international events.

steαm2.0 and steαmpro2.0 have become the economic impact measurement standard for the sport events industry in Canada. We are your trusted partner in predicting and measuring the economic impact of your event. We have a pool of EI consultants across Canada. We will assign the most qualified person to your project to protect the integrity of the data and to ensure that we are producing a final report that meets with your needs and expectations.