EI Team


Meet our team

CSTA has assembled a group of Canadian event researchers and economic impact consultants who conduct EI assessments for both sport and non-sport events in Canada.



Krista Benoit – Project Manager, Economic Impact
Krista manages CSTA’s EI program, is responsible for sales & marketing, and conducts discovery calls with potential clients to provide more information about how an EI study using either steam2.0, steam pro2.0 or fest pro can help event organizers and destinations collect event research and measure the impact of your event.


Zanth Jarvis –
Project Coordinator, Economic Impact
Zanth is CSTA’s data collection specialist and oversees a team of surveyors and field supervisors across Canada. He trains and hires surveyors, manages CSTA’s inventory of survey software and hardware, and coordinates the survey sampling plan onsite (or remotely) at events. He provides technical and administrative support to CSTA members for the online steam2.0tool. For questions related to using this self-serve web-based tool to predict the economic impact of your event before it takes place, please contact Zanth.


Derek Mager – Economic Impact Consultant

Derek has a long history in supporting CSTA with research services in both Canada and abroad. Based in Vancouver, Derek conducts EI assessments using all three of CSTA’s tools and also provides research add-ons for our clients, including measuring social impacts and sponsorship.


Tom McGuire – Economic Impact Consultant

Based in Halifax, and with more than 20 years of experience in economic impact analysis and survey-based research, Tom is CSTA’s east coast based EI Consultant