Sport Tourism Assessment Template (STAT)


Sport Tourism Assessment Template (STAT)

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The Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance (CSTA) is committed to providing member organizations with access to development tools that align with the mission of the organization, "To increase Canadian capacity to attract and host sport tourism events."

The CSTA has developed the Sport Tourism Assessment Template to assist communities of all sizes, budgets and at all stages of their evolution as a sport tourism host market, to assess its current position and identify areas for strategic and tactical development in both event bidding and hosting.

STAT PRO takes your data even further!

Member communities can engage a CSTA consultant to do a deep dive into the data collected online vis-a-vis a thorough examination of the current state of sport tourism affairs in your community.

This enhanced service employs one of our knowledgeable sport tourism consultants to validate the inputs and to coach/mentor your destination on next steps.  We also have sport tourism coaches who can help you improve your score through one-on-one tutoring.

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