steam pro2.0



A steαm pro2.0 study involves the collection of primary data on-site at sport events in Canada that is combined with other known event expenditures (operating budgets, capital expenditures and attendance figures) to provide a detailed analysis of the economic impact of a specific sport event in a specific Canadian community.

A study using steαm pro2.0 is led by CSTA’s EI team who works directly with the client (event organizers and/or destinations or venues) to collect and analyze actual spending data. Each study is customized based on the type of event and the location of the event. Pricing for a study varies based on scope of work and the type of event (single sport versus multi-sport).

Sample Reports - steαm pro2.0  studies
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For economic impact assessments on festivals, exhibitions, concerts and other special events, please check out the sister model (fest pro) of steam pro2.0 .