Members of the CSTA have complimentary access to our online self-serve economic impact tool called steam2.0. The tool is user-friendly and web-based and it is accessed through CSTA’s members only portal.

Our model analyzes event data provided by the user and predicts the expected economic impact of hosting a particular event in a specific city in Canada by using standardized visitor expenditure profiles supplemented with data from Statistics Canada and then combined with event data provided by the user.

IMPORTANT: steam2.0 is designed specifically as a predictive model for sport events and cannot be used to generate post event data. CSTA’s steαm pro2.0 is specifically designed for this purpose.  For more info on steam2.0 versus steam pro2.0, download our brochure or contact us at


Available on a complimentary basis to CSTA members, steαm2.0  is a self-serve tool. CSTA provides steam2.0 training periodically via webinar or in-person at Sport Events Congress annually. A user guide is also available. Technical support, steam2.0 questions or resets of user passwords and logins, can be requested by contacting Zanth Jarvis at

Event organizers or destinations /venues who do not have free access to steam2.0 as a member of the CSTA or who require help and support to generate an accurate and realistic steam2.0 prediction for their event, can hire CSTA’s EI Team to produce a detailed steam2.0 report. The fee is $3000 CAD per event  + applicable taxes.  A sample steam2.0 report produced by the CSTA can be found here.


*Please note that access to steam 2.0 is provided exclusively to CSTA members for non-commercial, predictive/pre-event purposes only.  Use of the model for commercial, post-event analysis purposes is strictly prohibited.  For post-event analysis, steam pro 2.0 has been created for this purpose.