Transition Plan Template


Access the Transition Plan Template (CSTA Member Access Only)


Produced with the support of the Canadian Olympic Committee’s NSF Enhancement Initiative, the Template provides an overview of a variety of steps to ensure a smooth transition from a bid committee to an organizing committee in a coordinated, chronological fashion. 

The TPT has been developed to:

  • Ensure that all MSO/NSO obligations, international Rights Holder obligations and commitments made during the bid phase are met
  • Identify the optimal structure for the Transition Committee and the Local Organizing Committee (LOC)
  • Address, before beginning to organize the event, the highest priority organizational issues
  • Provide a critical path for the first phases of the LOC to ensure that the highest priority tasks are performed in order of importance
  • Understand the human, equipment and financial resources required for the project
  • Provide a preliminary planning document to the LOC.