Eligibility for Sport Events Exchange

Who IS Eligible?

Destinations who are 'Active' members* of CSTA and who are registered to attend Sport Events Congress are eligible to participate in Sport Events Exchange.

*The "Active" category of membership includes public or private organizations in a community, municipality or metropolitan area in Canada that is organized to solicit and service sports events (e.g. Convention & visitor bureaus, sport tourism commissions, economic development agencies, destination marketing organizations).

2020 List of Destinations

Events Rights holders (companies/organizations that own the rights to sport events such as competitions or championships, annual meetings or conferences/special events, etc.) who are registered to attend Sport Events Congress.  This group includes national/multi-sport or major games organizations, provincial sport organizations and for-profit community event organizations/companies that are members of CSTA.

2020 List of Events Rights Holders

Who is NOT Eligible

Accommodations providers (hotels, university or college residences), airlines, hotel associations and anyone else who is not a active member of CSTA or an events rights holder are NOT permitted to speed date.

However, accommodations providers who are members of the CSTA and companies/organizations who are sponsors or the PRESTIGE Awards or Sport Events Congress are permitted to take part in Pre-Game. See event schedule for details or contact us to become an event sponsor or a member of the CSTA.