Go Congress!


The Go Congress! program offers the opportunity for representatives from various Canadian sport organizations to attend Sport Events Congress 2020 taking place in Edmonton on a complimentary basis

Costs such as transportation, hotel accommodations, ground transportation and SEC registration fees are covered by the program partners – CSTA, Edmonton Events and WestJet. 

Participation in the Go Congress! program is offered by invitation only and is limited to representatives from sport organizations who will participate as events rights holders in the Sport Events Exchange (aka Speed Dating) element of the Congress.

All Go Congress! participants must meet the 4 eligibility requirements and 4 program conditions as outlined below.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible for the Go Congress! program you must:

  1. Be invited by CSTA to participate*. This invitation is available on a first come, first served basis. Spots are limited and are offered at the discretion of the program partners.
  2. Be a national sport organization or multi-sport organization recognized by Sport Canada (or have not-for-profit status) OR be an Alberta provincial sport organization with not-for-profit status ** affiliated with Alberta Sport Connection.
  3. Own the rights to events (such as competitions/championships, conferences, training camps, AGMs, special events, etc.) that can move from one city to another throughout Canada.
  4. Be open to accepting bids from a variety of Canadian cities and municipalities who are interested in hosting sport-related events in their communities

*To request an invitation from CSTA and Edmonton Events, please contact Rosemary Vaughan at rvaughan@canadiansporttourism.com.

** Representatives from PSOs affiliated with Alberta Sport Connection are eligible for complimentary registration courtesy of the Government of Alberta, however, no travel subsidies or accommodations will be offered. To request an invitation, please contact Rosemary Vaughan at rvaughan@canadiansportourism.com.

Program Conditions

If you are eligible to participate in the Go Congress! program and are interested in attending the Congress, you must commit to:

  1. Participate in all elements of the Congress as noted on the official schedule of events, including evening social events.
  2. Travel on WestJet as per the travel options offered by the program partners.
  3. Provide one or more event profiles to CSTA that will be used to create an events directory that contains an overview of 200+ sport events open for bid.
  4. Decline invitations to any social events that are not part of the official SEC schedule of events.

Failure to comply with the program conditions will make events rights holders ineligible and participation in the Go Congress! program will be revoked.

Are You Ready to Participate in the Go Congress! Program?

If you have been invited to participate in the Go Congress! program or feel you meet the eligibility requirements and are cool with the program conditions, please contact Rosemary Vaughan at rvaughan@canadiansporttourism.com for details and instructions.