Sport Events Exchange

Sport Events Exchange (aka Speed Dating)

Are you ready to find a lifelong event partner!?

Here’s how speeding dating (aka Sport Events Exchange) works:

Who Participates?

Only two groups are eligible to date:

#1 – Destinations who are members of the CSTA in the ‘active’ category

#2 - Sport organizations who own the rights to events open for bid (events rights holders)

More on eligibility here

Why Speed Date?

This business-to-business marketplace allows destinations and events rights holders to quickly meet and explore hosting opportunities in a fast, efficient and fun 1st date type of environment. Our dating gurus will help you prep for your dates to ensure you make a good first impression. They will make sure both sides of the table are matched up with potential event partners that are a good fit.

Guidelines for Speed Dating

Here’s the scoop on everything that daters (destinations and events rights holders) need to know to take part in speed dating.

Questions can be directed to your dating guru Rosemary Vaughan at

Ready to Date?

Review the eligibility guidelines to make sure you’ve passed the test and then register for Sport Events Congress. As soon as we receive your registration we’ll follow-up with you to walk you through how to prep for speed dating.

Pre-Game for Sponsors & Accommodations Providers

Accommodations providers who are members of the CSTA and companies/organizations who are event sponsors of Sport Events Congress and/or the PRESTIGE Awards can take part in Sport Events Exchange Pre-Game.  Pre-Game will take place immediately before Sport Events Exchange for a limited window of time.

Events Rights Holders will be seated at their tables and available to meet, but there will be no scheduled appointments/dates. Eligible participants for Pre-Game are free to circulate throughout the room during the allotted time – we’ll have a list at the door to confirm eligibility + you’ll receive a copy of the popular Sport Events Directory